Refurbished classrooms fitted with the Interactive whiteboards, WiFi, lockers and new school furniture.

New changing rooms, sportshall, canteen with lunch service, outdoor facilities with basketball/tennis court and football pitch. Modern Science lab at our partner IB-school.

We cater to families from abroad who have taken on job opportunities in Denmark, families who have repatriated from overseas and Danish families. We aim to equip our students with excellent skills and an international mindset observing the challenges of the 21st century.

Our staff represent experienced and trained professionals from every corner of the world dedicated to delivering the best possible program.

SIS is an accredited Cambridge International School and we aim to qualify our students for Cambridge IGCSE and Danish FSA. We teach a broad range of subjects emphasizing languages and sciences. I.e. English, Danish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths.