As the very first International Montessori Elementary School in Denmark, our goal is to spread the unique methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori and to guide our students to become amazing human beings!

​Through the unique teaching approach of Dr. Maria Montessori and a truly passionate staff, we help students to become independent, self thinking, compassionate, loving human beings and develop academically to their highest level.

​The goal of International Montessori School Copenhagen is to support the child’s development with a view to long-term psychological health and well-being – as well as a high academic level. We want to create independent-thinking individuals who are creative and innovative as well as compassionate and loving beings, and who fulfill their highest academic potential.

​It is our belief that this is best achieved by letting the child develop his or her own curiosity and intelligence in a safe environment and at his or her own pace, and explore his or her own inner interests through individualized learning using Montessori teaching materials that are optimized for each child’s learning, where the role of the teacher is to support the child without pressure or control. We follow the child!


Teaching approach of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Montessori education doesn’t adhere to a fixed curriculum in the conventional sense. It’s personalized, with learning driven by each child’s interests and pace. Following a set syllabus would limit teachers’ flexibility to tailor learning experiences to individual needs. 

In contrast to traditional schooling where all students learn the same subject simultaneously, Montessori’s approach allows for diverse learning paths.

However, if we define curriculum as a framework of goals and values leading to successful learning experiences, Montessori does follow a curriculum. Teachers have clear objectives, guided by materials and experiences prepared for each child.

While Montessori schools globally share a core curriculum and similar teaching methods, the curriculum is meticulously structured, with materials sequenced hierarchically and interconnected across subjects. This integrated approach fosters curiosity and deep learning experiences.

Montessori teachers are trained in similar methods for presenting materials, often using albums as a resource to guide their goals and objectives for each student. These albums contain presentations tailored to specific age groups.

The Montessori curriculum is comprehensive and interconnected, covering subjects like math, science, history, geography, and language through an integrated approach. 

This approach fosters curiosity and allows students to become thoroughly immersed in a topic, demonstrating the interrelatedness of all things.