What is an International School?

BilledeIn Denmark, the international schools are schools which use English as the language of instruction.  In addition the schools use curriculum approved by an international body of education such as Cambridge International examinations, (CIE)  the International Bacchalaureate Organisation (IBO)  or the International Primary curriculum.(IPC) . While open to all interested families, the schools aim to provide especially for families moving to Denmark from overseas for work or other reasons.

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  • How do I apply for a place for my chlld?
    • Each school is a separate entity and to apply for a place for a child you need to choose the school you wish to apply to and follow that school's enrolment procedures. You can find out what these are by visiting the schools' websites.
  • Where can I find out about job vacancies?
    • Each school advertises its own job vacancies on its own website. In addition many of the international schools use TES, the Times Educational Supplement to advertise posts.